EGGON AMAZON (Ombli Moa’Ashe Eggon) by Crystal Donaville

The paragon of virtue
Endowed with natural beauty,
Never compromizing,
So fearless,
Her slogan is:
No retreat,
No surrender,
She always stand strong with pride,
No wonder she’s tagged:
Ombli Moa’Ashe Eggon.

Her trust is always on Ahogbre,
She feared him and eschewed evil,
Her beautiful smile drives the world crazy,
She’s always up before dawn
An epitome of perfecto
So intelligent and courageous
So resilient and persistent,
So loving and caring.
She’s worth more than gold,
The distinguished avatar and Monalisa of the century.

Her body is so perfect and adorable,
Her mouth is the therapy of all kind of pains,
The way she moves and shakes her body in Anzalu dance, is a subject of amazement.
For many daughters have done wonderful things
But she excellence them the most,
Little wonder, she’s Eggon Defender and Amazon,
He who finds her,
Finds good things and favour from Ahogbre
Cause she is a rare gem.

Poem by Donatus Akolo DANLADI, Esq. AKA Crystal Donaville

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  1. Crystal Donaville

    Wow! Thanks keep doing the good works & may God cause you to walk on gold sir.

  2. Lahu Godwin

    No one would have described her beter….
    A great pieac

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