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Making Productive Use of our Phones

After a long hiatus, we are back! Finally! To kickstart our new Phone Series, we start with how to make use of our phones in productive ways. That is what the series is all about – expose us to things we do not know about our phones. This is just the beginning of something exciting!

Smartphones have become an integral part of the lives of almost everyone. We pay a lot of money to buy smartphones and even more for airtime and data bundles to stay in touch with other global citizens but fail to recognize the power of these smartphones. People either do not know or fail to acknowledge that they can use their phones in many productive ways. In fact, with the way things are going, not making good use of our phones to either learn or earn money should render those phones useless. Gone are the days when you only used your phone to chat, upload pictures, play games or watch movies. We must harness the power our phones possess; capitalize on social media and other mobile applications to either make money or learn skills. In general, we can use our phones for four purposes: learning, earning money, communicating, and entertaining. This series is more focused on learning and making money, but we will discuss the other two as well.

Learning: There are tons of websites and applications now that provide platforms for people to learn. You can use your phone to learn new skills, or improve your already acquired skills. Also, you can use the phone for school. Apps like Moodle, Zoom, DingTalk make the learning experience more exciting and easier. Online learning platforms like Coursera, Tutorialspoint, and others are innovations that have provided the avenue for people to learn for free and earn (paid) certificates. Using these apps and platforms, you can learn how to cook, graphic design, web development, digital marketing, forex trading and many more.

Earning money: To earn money there are tons of apps that one can use to invest or earn passive income. These apps provide platforms for people to invest in real estate, bonds, cryptocurrency and others. You can also sell things such as clothes, shoes, food or even your pictures. There are apps that allow users to take surveys and then get paid. You can also make money through digital marketing and freelancing. Further more you can get paid for playing games, testing apps or browsing the internet. Offer your services such as teaching, driving or delivery and get paid. Savings is another aspect of earning money that will be covered in this series. Piggyvest, for example, is an app that helps people save money while also gaining interest. There are numerous ways of making money, make sure to maximize your money-making potential fully.

This episode of Phone Series has given a glimpse of the great things that can be achieved with smartphones. The next posts in this series will show the different ways/apps/platforms to make money on mobile phones and also to learn new (or improve) skills.

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