A Reign of Terror by Crystal Donaville

From the sky,
Comes this thick dark cloud,
With the wind tossing things up and down,
Some analysts of course say,
It’s a reign of terror.

The earth is torn apart,
The covid plague is crippling and bedeviling it,
Some see it as a reality while others taught it to be a mirage.
No face mask, no movement and no shaking of hands as all spheres of life are on stand still,
The earth swiftly turn to field of masks.

Our farm produce are in shambles and
hunger is killing the masses.
Stealing is on the increase; truly these are echoes of hard times,
Hike in blue chips,
Honesty is replaced with cheating.

There is mayhem in the universe,
Rape is not forgotten,
Citadel of learning locked and keyed for four counts,
The home of peace swiftly turns to blood baths,
The one head seem to be adamant by our humble pleas.

While men of the underworld seem to be playing with human lives like chess,
Kidnapping now a lucrative venture,
Corruption now the reigning trend,
The culprits are soon let go,
Our national reservoir is poise.

Things are grossly falling apart,
the centre cannot hold,
Campaign of calumny is vague,
And nothing to burst about,
Reality is showing its ugly teeth and biting us,

We can’t express ourselves freely,
Even if we do,
we might be confine elsewhere but
shall we continue standing mute?
Alas it is only time will tell.

This beautiful (but sorrowful) poem was written by Crystal Donaville In this beautiful piece, he laments the present sorry state of our beloved nation. Awesome piece.

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  1. Donaville Danladi

    Wow! This is awesome, more grace sir.

  2. Francis

    Nice one bro

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